General Questions

Is there uber or lyft in tijuana?

The new service from the ride-sharing company is called "Umbrellas" and it allows passengers to cross the U.S.- Mexico border into the country. The service will not bring travelers directly back to the States.

How much does a 5 month old kitten weigh?

If a kitten is gaining less than 3.5 ounces a week, he or she should be examined by your vet immediately. When kittens are around 4 pounds, I recommend they be neutered or spayed.

How do you fix a swingline stapler spring?

The stapler's base is held in place by the steps. Hold the stapler against the table. Pull the plastic top up to expose the stapler tray. The metal staple tray is inside the plastic on a top load stapler. Place the new legs in the tray. Lower the stapler head.

How do you spell gail for a woman?

Gail means what she says. The name G ail is pronounced gayl. The meaning of Gail is "father of exaltation". Short form of a man.

How do i stop my dryer vent from blowing cold air?

This is confirmation that the TOC has tripped if no circuit is present. Plug your appliance and locate the thermostat once you have verified that this is the reason for your dryer blowing cold air. You can find the thermostat under the back panel of the dryer. The back of the dryer can be removed.

What does the new virginia inspection sticker look like?

Virginia residents will notice a new sticker when they go for their annual vehicle inspections. The Virginia State Police Safety Division rolled out a new design. The height of the sticker was reduced from 2 inches to 2 inches and the length was reduced from 4 inches to 3 inches.

Can a cosmetologist do straight razor shaves?

A straight razor does not have a safety guard. It has a long, exposed blade that is set into a handle and folds shut. It is preferred by some barbers for its closer, cleaner, and smoother shave. A barber's license is needed for a cosmetologist to use a straight razor.

How long do you cook smoked deer sausage?

How do you smoke deer sausage? The water bowl should be filled before the smoker is set to 170 degrees. Sausage hooks are hung from the smoking box when it is preheating. Smoke the sausage for two hours and then adjust the temperature to 200 degrees and smoke for another two hours or until the internal temperature is 160 degrees.

What is a long opponens splint?

The hand-thumb orthosis is used to better support and position a weak hand. The splint can be positioned to help increase the wearer's range of motion. Side wings can be adjusted to fit or not.

How do you paint plastic chrome trim?

Allow the four coats of paint to dry after spraying them on top of the primer. Three or four coats of clear is all you need to paint the part.