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What happens when you soak steel wool in vinegar?

What happens when you put steel wool in water? The iron in the steel can rust if you soak it in the steel wool. A chemical reaction between iron and oxygen creates heat energy which increases the temperature inside the beaker.

Can you mix stain and paint?

You can mix paint and stain safely to get your desired color. Water-based stain should only be used with oil-based paint for successful results. You can mix two colors of stain together to make a tint that you want.

What is zaxbys tongue torch sauce?

The torch is called the tongue torch. A sauce with a kick to let you know it's there. Our most popular sauce. Nuclear is a mix of heat and flavor. Our take on the classic Buffalo flavor was the beginning of it all.

Can you cut the bottom of a fiberglass door?

Is it possible to cut the bottom of a fiberglass door? Only if the door is solid can you cut it. The doors are usually solid for 1-2" all the way around. You can try to see where it is hollow by tapping on the bottom edge.

What is the average age to grow a full beard?

The normal age to grow a full beard is between 16 and 40 years old, and this is presuming you never grow one. Are you 20 years old? Give it time. You are young on the beard scale.

Does ap computer science count as a math?

It is a math or science. A computing course is counted as a math or science course for high school graduation. The District of Columbia counted AP CS A as a math or science.

What song does freddy play when you run out of power?

If there is another one in the same room, you can't see him. When the power is out, Freddy plays his jingle in the kitchen or the office because the player has no tools to push him back. The song that Freddy uses in Fnaf is from an opera called Carmen. When you know what the song is about, the tune changes.

Why is my washer leaving black marks on my clothes?

The marks could be caused by clothes getting caught between the drum and drum support rollers in the dryer. There are gaps between the drum and drum seals. The black marks on the clothes could be caused by grease. I can tell you that at this point.

Can you use rustoleum enamel on plastic?

Can you use Rustoleum on plastic? Rust-Oleum® Specialty Hammered Paint For Plastic Spray can be used to restore and renew. It can be applied directly to the plastic. 2K paints can be used to paint materials. Click to see the full answer.

What would happen if you ate resiniferatoxin?

The active ingredient in chili pepper is called capsaicin. There is a subpopulation of primary afferent sensory neurons involved in nociception that are activated by RTX.