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What is machine reductionism?

What is machine reductionism? The principle of machine reductionism is used in the cognitive approach. Information-processing approaches use the analogy of machine systems to describe and explain behavior. Click to see the full answer.

What to reply when someone says will you be my valentine?

Your average person. If you want to be their love interest, I would suggest just saying "yes" or "no". I'll be your partner, will you be mine? I would say those answers are what I would say. Anything else would be weird.

How do you straighten a bent ski pole?

If the bend isn't creased, you can whack the pole lightly at the outside point of the bend on a tree or wooden post. Continue until it's straight.

Is sesame fruit or vegetable?

There is a lot of sesame in Japanese cooking. White sesame has balanced notes, black sesame is more powerful and golden sesame is delicious. Spice up your dishes with roasted, plain or flavoured seeds.

How long does black rtv silicone take to dry?

The package says that the disease will be fully cured in 24 hours. How long do you have to wait for RTV to dry? The Silicone Gasket cures on exposure to the air. The product cures in 24 hours.

How can i get my dog to drink more water after surgery?

The first 24 hours after a dog goes under anesthesia should include small amounts of food and water. Allowing her to gorge on water and food may cause her to vomit them back up, offer a cup or so of water at a time, and the same with her food.

Is bias a kind of chance error?

Bias is a type of chance air. There is bias and chance. There are different things. Service handle bias is something that changes the results, whereas chance air is something that doesn't.

How do you harvest a bonsai tree?

Carefully digging around the tree with a spade is the first step in collecting Yamadori trees. Lift the tree and put it on the sheets.

What is a cordial conversation?

cordial. In a sentence, use cordial. It's a word. The definition of friendly is nice. When you say hello to someone who just entered the room, you can offer to help them find a place to sit.

Can tomatoes make your stool red?

There are red pieces in the stool. When you scarp your self or make the bowel red, the blood looks like it does. I don't think you could remove it.