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Can i freeze costco stuffed peppers?

stuffed peppers are an ideal dish for freezing because they are easy to freeze. They retain their flavor and shape well. When you thaw your dish, it will taste the same as it did when you put it in the freezer.

Can i melt a candle on the stove?

Wax Vapors are created by an open flame on a gas stove. 5. You should always use a thermometer to monitor your wax temperatures. Before you start making candles, make sure you have a Thermometer on your list. A double-boiler is created by boiling a pot of water on a heat source.

Can i shred brussel sprouts ahead of time?

If you do trim, cut, or shred Brussels sprout before you go, store them in a container in the fridge for at least one to two days. Click to read the full answer.

Can i use a railroad tie for a mantle?

When choosing a reclaimed beam for a fireplace mantel, the best choice is beams that were once part of a barn frame. Don't use a reclaimed railroad tie. Railroad ties have creosote on them. creosote emits toxic fumes and is also flammable.

Can jiffy lube replace headlights?

At your request, the exterior lights of your house can be inspected and replaced. How much does it cost to replace a headlight? The average cost of a halogen bulb is between 15 and 20 dollars, while a HID bulb can cost up to $100.

Can mice survive in the winter?

Western's pest control experts share some facts on how mice survive the winter. Like other animals, mice are in the house during the winter. They want to be warm.

Can pallets be used for a shed base?

Almost anything would work. It's about how long you want it to last. I would recommend laying slabs on the ground so that the shed can be raised. If you want to do a better job, put them on sand.

Can rats climb out of a bucket?

It depends. If you let the rats drown in the bucket, these traps will not be humane. The traps are partially humane if you release the rats. Rats released into the wild are likely to be devoured by a predator.

Can rubbermaid containers go in the dishwasher?

How to wash rubbermaid containers is a big question. The good news is that these containers are dishwasher safe. They will be clean after running through a cycle if you place them in your dishwasher. Click to see the full answer.

Can you add apps to tivo roamio?

Is it possible to add apps to TiVo Roamio? If you want to use the apps on other TiVo devices, you'll need a separate Stream box. You can watch on other TVs without the need for a mini device with the streaming apps for Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV. Click to see the full answer.

Can you add kerosene to heating oil?

Kerosene. Kerosene has a lighter viscosity than diesel, so it will burn hotter. It can help heat the house, but it could cause problems for a heater that isn't equipped to handle hotter than average heat. It is comparable to a typical No if you install a fuel oil heater.

Can you drill a safe open?

Can you open the safe? Safecrackers use drilling to manipulate the safe. There are many ways to open a safe. The most direct way to get to the lever or drive cam is to drill into the lock face. Click to see the full answer.

Can you drive with a broken water pump?

When the bearings are starting to wear down, it is a good idea to replace the water pumps because they don't break and start leaking. If there is nothing else happening, you can drive it for a week or so. Click to see the full answer.

Can you eat basil leaves with black spots?

Can you eat basil leaves with black spots? You can store it in a glass of water, like a bouquet, and not in the refrigerator. It isn't very appealing to eat if there are a few black spots that aren't slimy.

Can you get maple syrup from a japanese maple?

All maples can be tapped for syrup. If you want great taste and volume, it's a waste of time to try some. The top trees for syrup are listed. Japanese Maple is not listed.